About Aggiebadang

With the beautiful colors and peacefulness of Jeju,

It gives children the emotional happiness of colors and the peacefulness of the clean and clear gift of nature.

Mom & Dad, with a heart of the sea

Aggiebadang contains the hearts of mothers and fathers, as large as the sea.

The space, my baby feels sensitive

Aggiebadang is an emotional brand that pursues the lifestyle of our child.

" Eo moong "

Healing your soul, exhausted from parenting.

" Ah bang "

Helping your two hands, unfamiliar with parenting.

" Aggie "

Giving a vast gift from nature to play about freely.

Pattern design

With the colors and emotions of Jeju, Aggiebadang heals you just by looking,

And leads you to emotional parenting just by touching.

Making film


어린 소녀들이 잠수를 배우는 가장 얕은 바다를 제주도 방언으로 '애기바당'이라고 합니다. 애기바당은 아이들이 뛰어 놀수 있는 천혜의 공간을 의미합니다.

애기바당은 내 아이의 라이프스타일을 추구하는 감성브랜드 입니다.

The space, my baby feels sensitive

2017.07.22 촬영